Winter is coming | Again ❅

Here are just two seasons – summer and winter. Here comes the less favorite part. Cold, dark and full of thoughts. And it has not fully arrived yet.

The thermometer shows around 4 degrees. Like a week ago it was 8, and I do not count on the fact, that the freezy wind is getting stronger and stronger every day. I’m slowly planning amusement for long winter evenings, that will come quickly, and putting on another layer of warm clothes. It is not snowing yet. Well, not constantly. It is quite usual that one experiences rain, snow or hail every few minutes every other day.

Despite the fact, that it is super windy and rainy, we go on little walks quite often. Most of the time we head to the closest old harbor, that has a unique calming impact and atmosphere. I need to calm myself more often than usual. I don’t know if my blue mood causes the crappy weather, lack of daylight or just the fact, that I have been forced to change my job. So I am at the beginning. Again. One can find a job quickly, more likely with time spent here and gained friends. Nevertheless, this beginning is hard as any other.

winter in iceland

I have the time to consider values. I have the time to realize how important are the little things that we experience every day. Or how important is my mother tongue or culture? I mean I feel the most confident in that. I can compare and gain experience. Even though one can feel stupid and anxious at the beginning of everything, after all, it is just an experience that makes us stronger.

Just the fact that I considered starting writing in English. I discovered that it’s more efficient to be in touch with most of you guys, that ever stopped by on my website and blog, in English, not Czech. Therefore, once in a while I post in English. Another time, in Czech. Do you agree?

 One doesn’t want to go outside. But being in a hot tub feels so cozy and relaxing during the winter. So it’s worth to go out after all.

Another thing is that I do not think that local people are super fans of pets. I mean, there’s no wonder why, in this rough weather and nature on this little island. But there are calming places, which we visit from time to time. I’m talking about a few places where one can find and cuddle domestic rabbits! Can you believe that? There is no predator around, so they just come and seek for being fed. Have you ever been to the Elliðaárdalur park?

where to go in reykjavik

Now, when is everything starting to be “normal,” we just rent a car and go! More stories will come soon. Stay tuned.

~ Bára